RUBIUS Project ICO Review

RUBIUS:  Advancing The Blockchain For Easy Cryptocurrency Accessibility

About two billion people are unbanked worldwide, the most affected region being the Middle East, where about 86% of adults are unbanked because Islamic banking laws (Sharia Laws) doesn’t favour world’s major banks business model which revolves around loaning money and charging interests. This invariable means that about 2 billion adults have no access to electronic financial services and are therefore forced to make direct cash transactions or trade by barter which are prone to crime and corruption.

The customary financial system’s reliance on trust is leaving millions unbanked and limiting economic development. While smartphone ownership is increasing exponentially, not everyone will have access to needed solutions because of limited software and restrictions. The existing solutions utilizes third-party service providers that upturn charges and limit services based on trust. They also restrict access to their products subject on where you live. This unfortunately means people in war-torn countries, who certainly need their money protected utmost, are affected the most.

The failure of big banks in 2008, when fraudulent practices triggered a domestic crisis in the U.S that disseminated into a full-blown international crisis because of the link between the banking and non-banking sectors, was because e-commerce grew into a multitrillion-dollar industry and there was no means of sending peer-to-peer payments on the internet.  As a result of this action that caused the Great Recession, an individual, Satoshi Nakamoto, saw the faults in the system and the failures of the bank, this necessitated the introduction of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009.


No need for a trust or interest or loans, and enabled peer-to-peer payments, these are solutions Cryptocurrency proffers to the bank problem. If these are actual solutions, why hasn’t the everyone adopted the it would be the million-dollar question. And the answer to that would be, because most available software (Wallets) designed are done in a hurry for profit and there weren’t follow-ups after ICO or projects to improve on them.

In buying, sale or send, Rubius is offering a thorough and improved crypto-payment community beginning with the Rubiex exchange where users can acquire and trade cryptocurrency in a spontaneous environment. It leverages exceptionally low fees to offer superior value than its competitors.

This is followed by the multipurpose Aryl wallet, which serves both as a decentralized bank and exchange initiator, offering consumers a secure platform to send and receive cryptocurrency. Its user manageability features allow free payments between users without confusion and its Volatility Shield safeguards wallet value by changing unstable cryptos into preferred stable currencies. The Shield’s efficient conversions allow operators quick liquidation of their holdings without excessive fees or long queues.

The RUBY tokens powers this ground-breaking ecosystem. Users who carry out transactions with the native Rubius currency instantly receive 50% off-fees across all platforms. The earnings from the Initial Coin Offer will be used to mature the first crypto-network to solve the issues of over-complexity, exploitative fees and volatility. Early investors will benefit most from implementation at the primary stage of development when the coin is cheapest in value. Rubius will eventually expand to discover additional blockchain solutions outside the financial sector with the RUBY tokens, always being at the heart of these projects, increasing in efficacy and demand.

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