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When you hear the words, “Styrofoam”, what originally comes to mind, could be, ‘Oh, that product I ordered from eBay’, or the insulator of the cooler in your kitchen, some might even remember WWII while others just think, “Just another unhealthy product”. But in the world of sports (Surfing), it is priceless, it is a ‘must have’ if you must participate and enjoy this hallowed and exclusive leisure. Global acuity of surfing has changed since WWII when chemical products like Styrofoam, epoxy and the likes were used as weapons. We could assume correctly that this is a silver lining as the same chemical used as a weapon is now what has been transformed and developed for use in the surfboard manufacture to make it lighter and tough. This invention the surf sport into a multibillion-dollar money-making industry.

Is surfing an easy sport? Your answer might be yes if you are just a spectator or a critic, but, pick up a surfboard and venture into the sea yourself and your perception will immediately change. Surfing, like any sport, needs training, skills and much effort because when you are out there alone on the waves, there’s always a price to be paid for successful navigation and to acquire these set skills to be able to pay the price, some financial conditions have to be met. Surfers face a lot of mental or emotional traps (Fear, Aggression, Frustration or Stagnation) when advancing into the deep-sea that can deter or kill interest in the sport that is originally meant to be a leisure.


Today, surfing has become very popular with over 60 million global passionate aficionados. LIPCHAIN, a decentralized ecosystem, has developed a unique project for surfers the have equal, open advantages to perfect the art and earn with while developing themselves. Surfers, through the platform, have the freedom of training as frequently as they wish, meet potential and real sponsors and even organize off-the-record competitions as competitiveness breeds development. Here, surfers earn tokens for just having fun.

The LIPCHAIN app lets you stream video competitions organized by you where global spectatorship to determine and promote the best surfers are features. This allows surfers to gain the popularity they deserve and reputation desired for professionalism livelihoods. Winners in the organized competitions are rewarded and these rewards can be redeemed at any LipWave facility, a facility specifically built for surfers to be able to train in a safe, controlled environment to perfect their skills 24/7.

LIPCHAIN is creating a user-friendly wallet focused at making transactions on the app, and collected of rewards and token instantaneous and easy without going through any rigorous complex procedures or waiting for a third party signature or paying exorbitant prioritized application processing fees.

LIPCHAIN promises to make surfing a global phenomenon, where everyone, irrespective of geographic placement as an equal opportunity to access and enjoy this pastime leisure while helping the active participants earn more money as they participate in their favorite sport.

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