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The cashback industry is estimated to be over $84 billion in worth. Although many e-commerce brokers use cashbacks as a marketing tool and more than 60% of the customers are members of rewards sites, only about 12% of virtual retail sales are created by performance marketing conglomerates.

Although affiliate-shopping systems have been around for some time now, the customary disbursement methods for payments of members are still quite expensive and entails lots of private particulars, time and paperwork. Current platforms operate through bank transmissions, Cheques, and virtual payment mainframes to compensate customers. These payments are not all global, they charge excessive fees and are not privacy protection oriented.

The interval between buying goods and getting the cashback on the existing system takes up to three months in most cases. RetailMeNot, in their 2017 research report, affirmed that the key fondness of cashback customers is that 96% of them prefer not to use mail-in refunds, 70% do not favor cheque payment, over 50% favor the recovery of cashback offers online and 50% say cashback offers are challenging to redeem. These results show that customers want faster payouts, convenient cashback systems and up-to-date methods of payments.


Dealjoy, a privacy-focused cashback system designed to link shoppers and merchants and provide instant crypto cashbacks, believes that private cashback platforms are needed to enable the online shopping industry to provide global participants with viable cashback rates that does not compromise the privacy of users.

The operation of Dealjoy is based on intermediating between online consumers and traders by searching out the most convenient affiliate deals. As members, through the Dealjoy platform, set in motion a purchase in an online store, they receive cashback commissions, with no request for means of identification or a third party.

The acceptability of cryptocurrencies en-mass gave room for more than 9 million wallets and the proliferation market capitalization to peak at about $800 billion in the first quarter of 2018. This necessitated the increasing demand for and the eventual creation of cashback platforms that are based on the blockchain technology for mutual beneficial capacity to the online consumers and traders. Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, privacy-protected payments have been made possible around the world. So with the introduction of the Dealjoy ERC-20 based Token called DEAL, via the blockchain technology, instant unlimited privacy protected payouts cashback is available to the world.


The Dealjoy platform became an avant-garde solution when it launched the ERC-20 based token, DEAL, used for the payments of cashback commissions. It searches out the best deals with commissions for registered members without the hassle of expensive transfer fees and worry of delayed transactions or third-party involvements. With an all-inclusive, self-promoting, easy-to-use design, the Dealjoy platform makes exploration and search for mouthwatering cashback deals that have been available but inaccessible a possibility.

The Dealjoy app is accessible on the web, it can be download on Android appliances and personal computers for users to have the joy and satisfaction of a virtual catalog of dealers while still getting paid for making purchases.

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