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Technological developments have helped the rapid progress of the e-Commerce open-market for the last two and half decades, and the production of smart phones and low-priced data have metamorphosed the Social Media. These give raise to a new breed of online shopping, the integration of the social media with e-Commerce – Social Commerce.

People all over the world are posting appealing, educational and realistic videos of their favorite products in the millions on the social media. But these videos are not exploited well because platforms restrict products so they can get cash value for their own brand videos or you have to pay an excessive fee to advertise on a viral video.

Existing platforms are more focused on making more money through advertisements than tapping into the vast potentiality of the use of market influencers. Some Products and their owners are somewhat restricted from the money making aspect, and many other managers and content initiators aren’t rewarded for their efforts.

This disjointed brand-consumer liaison and the nonexistence of interconnectivity between content designers, products and consumers have given rise to a Social Commerce atmosphere that is incapable of realizing its full potential.


The FANFARE project came up as a Social Commerce enablement protocol. Its structure, from the start, was thought of and fashioned precisely with Shoppable Videos and Social Commerce in mind. The practicalities were well planned and designed specifically to help products and users link further closely, so that products and users gains more understanding and confidence in their relationships.

Its matchless feature enables brands transform any generated Video into Shoppable Video stresslessly and post or share them on the Fanfare platform like on any social media medium. An added spur is that; a BUY button can now be added by the content creator for price efficiency. The advantage being that content creators now get rewards for their work and products can now harness the influence of Customer- Generated Videos.

Fanfare’s exclusive ideal creates a whole transformation in the method social media consumers interrelate with products and users. This brings more remunerations to stakeholders and generates better social commerce familiarity for all and sundry.


Since its official introduction in August, 2017, The Fanfare App, an all-inclusive unified Social Commerce platform, has received 200,000 users, 90 Representatives from 28 different nations and the involvement of over 200 Products globally.

The Fanfare Apps, which contain the Fanfare wallet that will be used for the storage of the FAN Token and transactions within the ecosystem, is the focus of this network. The Fanfare system targets to resolve the social commerce problem using the ERC-20 based FAN Token that content makers, customers and products can bond confidentially through the give-and-take of value via FAN Tokens.

The FAN Token is fabricated on the distribution of Efforts, sharing of Wealth and unraveling New Values. By the year 2020, the Fanfare network purposes to have about 5,000 products and over 25 million consumers producing more than 5 million shoppable videos with US$1 billion value of social purchasing.

The swift merging of the social Media and e-Commerce has opened a new frontline of Social Commerce, where reliable consumer generated word-of-mouth videos are vital in the user acquisition decision procedure.

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