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Conceivably, the original form of social selling was the introduction of direct selling in the 1900s where Sellers were empowered by their brand to sell from door to door for a one on one demonstration opportunity. This idea has exponentially evolved since then with the advent of the Internet.  This has made it possible for Seller to market their products online directly with the exponential growth of the social media.

Social selling is controlled by giant merchant industries that hold sellers confined by making it almost impossible to handover consumer, transaction and descent data. If Sellers seek flexibility, they risk losing the income for their hard work. The regular Seller works averages 10-20 hrs every month with between $250-$500 as the reward which is mostly used for household budgets.

The absence of market competitors reduces sellers’ choices and opportunities, letting unescapable supports to corner the developing industry. Hurdles for entry are great, restraining new merchants from coming into space. Costly and disjointed systems are essential to accomplish commissions and rewards, restraining the influx of new merchants. Sellers are not capable of competing with brands in broader selling economy because Merchants in social selling can almost always get away with overvaluing merchandises, acquiescent an unproductive market for sellers. Because of this, a resolution that grants entrance to additional merchants and independence to sellers is required.


The influence of smart contracts with blockchain technology can be leveraged to empower and enable sellers, merchants and brands alike on the over $23 trillion retail economies on social selling.

By tokenizing ASTRA with the GMS Token, Gemstra diminishes resistance in the social selling operation. GMS, an ERC20 token, is the most cost-effective means of exchanging and keeping value. GMS is the commission for payment to Sellers which can be used to buy goods from any Dealer. It also controls a gamification scheme that can be modified by-products and traders for sellers which is based on engagements or achievements.

Municipal and acknowledgement are major drivers of custody in social selling. Sellers provide support teams within the community for encouragements and accountability purposes. Acknowledgement inside a community drives Merchants to grow and temporarily maintain their accomplishments. GMS delivers an ideal payment concept that drives gamification over the community. distribution of awards and votings help grant special access and incentives for sellers to grow.

Gemstra unsettles the social selling industry that is globally worth over $180 billion. More than 100 million people worldwide are involved in social selling. With a yearly estimated growth of 7-10% which is aided by the social media. The future of social selling is estimated to exceed $1 trillion in 10 years.

Gemstra will use the funds generated to mainly grow sales volume in the ecosystem. Marketing and business growth will account for about 38% of the funds used. Marketing activities will be concentrated on Sellers’ growth in the first two years.  And in the third year, marketing undertakings will swing ominously to Merchant growth by appealing to existing traders’ integration into ASTRA Platform. And software development will receive about 22% od expenditures in fund raised.

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