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MarketInsightsReports, estimated the size of the Aid-Giving (Charity) industry in 2017 to over $700 billion. This statistics, you will agree with me, is just a fraction of the actual figure as there are numerous “Under the table” spontaneous giving that are not documented. With the global visible impact, knowledge, and intent of the charity organization yearly for centuries, it is amazing that there has been almost no change in this industry because of the type of mechanism in operation.

Although, phones, computers, and printers have been added to the mix, the face of the ‘Old Man’ charity industry has remained the same. It is challenging for humanitarians to fund valuable schemes, speedily and effortlessly allocation money and be sure the aid provided reaches the recipient and is used tenaciously for a just cause.

According to the World Giving Index 2017, “Every third person on Earth gives to charity at least once per year”. Charitable aids represent a substantial percentage of the overall global economy and private folks are high on the list of most active givers. Their donations account for more than 75% of all donations.

Because the existing machinery active in the charity industry is relatedly low-leveled, individuals and corporations that want to make donations could grow cold feet. Doubts over contributions reaching the addressee wholly and on time, lack of trust in charities because of the absence of a unified regulatory body for the evaluation of their activities, complication of cross-border disbursements for foreign missions, prospective concerns in dealing with governing organizations and inability to discern additional benefits in donation making are most pressing challenges in the industry.


By integrating the blockchain technology in e-commerce, cryptocurrency, charity, Humancoin, a revolutionary platform, hope to solve these problems. With the collaboration of the charity market where annual donations are assessed to be $700 billion globally, the cryptocurrency market cap is estimated to be over $850 billion and e-commerce reaching the $2.3 trillion mark, a new age of charity will be born.

Humancoin is changing the charity industry for good with the introduction of stable Humancoin tokens made available at the Sale and be listed on crypto exchanges at the end of sale. The funds raised will be recycled to build the Humancoin platform, an international network of support for the project and developing partner networks.

When Token Sale is complete, Humancoin will accept tenders and accumulate funds for charities as needs arise. Donors are given the opportunity to directly chose projects that they feel is beneficiary to their funds. The platform affords the prospect to wholly track aids and rank projects and humanitarians amongst other features and a receipt is issued for every donation made.

The Humancoin project is the first blockchain project in history with the prospect of becoming a worldwide loyalty program by building partner with related programs and project for greater achievements in servitude to humanity.

The Humancoin token is exchangeable into vouchers, gratuities and tokens because it has been incorporated into previously existing systems without compelling corporations reconfigure their systems, the requirement is only to convert.

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