AIMedis Project ICO Review

AIMedis the first global Healthcare ecosystem powered by AI and blockchain technology

Introduction to AIMedis:

AIMedis is the first global AI backed medical platform which is powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology. This ecosystem will become the cause of healthcare revolution, where users can get benefits from medical records, appointments, trackers, prescriptions, eLearning, video chat, professional medical IT and scientific research. By connecting doctors, hospitals and patients together, AIMedis is helping to make information handling and communication easy.

What is the main problem in traditional medical network?

The world’s population is increasing day by day which is severely affecting the long range planning of medical facilities and health community. In metropolitan areas doctors remain overbooked due to the change in population density and rural-urban movement. The citizens of developing countries face alot of problems to get proper medical consultation and prescription at time. According to a recent survey more than 3-5 billion people of different growing countries look for online health technology to get awareness of their disease. The overcrowding of the emergency rooms can be reduced with the online advice and consultation. Due to high competition in the online healthcare world, the agencies and medical facility providers are putting efforts to enhance the efficiency of the platforms and decrease the service cost. But still many patients face different problems due to geographical restrictions, long payment period and complex nature of the network.

What is the solution provided by AIMedis?

AIMedis a company located in Netherland which is going to take the help of doctors, patients and professionals to fulfil the medical needs in a secure and up-to-date environment. Recently this platform is dealing with more than 10 thousand patients and 20 hospitals in three countries to make a connection between the medical devices, patients, institutes and specialist. AIMedis is using smart and AI based interface to increase the efficiency and quality of the medical services.

Main features of AIMedis:

AIMedis right organization feature: To store, safe and share the medical data and records with other patients, AIMedis is allowing the users to get benefits from patient right management.

  • AIMedisafe: By taking the help from blockchain technology and AI, AIMedis is going to resolve different issues of blockchain technology i.e. perfect dosage, sales, increase interaction checks, automated.
  • Aimedibots: Aimedibots will analyze several factors to confirm and recheck the prescripted medicine i.e. origin, gender, age, weight etc.
  • Video Library: The attractive video library of AIMedis will educate and train the patients and users about the proper medical treatment. The content can be used for proper patient care and exercise.
  • AIMGraph: To access and track the information of the medical tourism service, the patients can take help from AIMgraph to remain updated.
  • AIMChain: AIMedis aims to give 100% genuine and trustworthy patient data to ensure the transparency. High level security and integrity is offered by this platform to ensure safe and reliable transactions daily.
  • Dual blockchain framework: This platform is going to ensure the information privacy by using a dual blockchain system. The private blockchain is used for the unpublish transactions while the Ethereum blockchain will be utilized for the publish transactions.
  • Latest research: To save the precious life of the patients, AIMedis is assisting latest research and operating many hospitals all around the world.
  • AIMsocial: The patients can interact with each other for medical support, data sharing and disease experiences through AIMsocial network.
How the patients will get benefits from AIMedis app, bot and other features?

This platform is going to use a responsive and easy to use AIMedis app which can be used all over the world due to its Multilanguage support. The mobile phone app is best to track the best drug prescription and important statistics. The patient’s medical data will be collected, recorded and distributed by using blockchain technology to save it permanently. The patients record can be accessed by the researchers and other patients after authorize smart contracts. So, AIMedis allows the patients to save and sell their information as per their requirement.

Which token is used by this platform?

AIMedis is utilizing AIM token which is based upon ERC-20 standard. AIM token holders can use different functionalities, tools and application after becoming a part of the AIMedis community. This token can be used to get various services from prescription module to video chats. The patients will get rewards in AIM coins for allowing the medical industry and scientific research institutes to use their medical records.

Token details:
  • Token name: AIM token
  • Price: 1 AIM = 0,12 USD
  • Total supply: 600 million AIM
  • Soft cap: 7,500,000 dollars
  • Hard cap: 36,000,000 dollars
  • Acceptable currency: ETH
Token distribution:
  • Marketing and Community: 20%
  • Supporters, board and team: 20%
  • ICO: 50%
  • Reserve: 5%
  • Legal reserve: 5%

AIMedis is going to combine the comprehensive patient communities and expert healthcare knowledge in a medical platform. With the integration of advance tools and blockchain, lots of amazing features will be offered to AIMedis community such as AIMedistuorism, vide chat, appointment module, mobile app, AIMChain, Aim wallet etc. AIMedis has an aim to facilitate the patient and become their daily life health provider by curing the disease, coping with their illness, make them contribute in network and managing their medical records. This platform is run by an expert team of medical industry specialists and WorldClass doctors. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency, then visit its site for more details.

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