Araw a global decentralized e-commerce ecosystem:

Araw a global decentralized e-commerce ecosystem:

Introduction to Araw token:

To offer a common marketplace for the e-commerce and cryptocurrency ecosystem, Araw is going to provide a decentralized global payment method which is based upon blockchain technology. The advance strategies from instore micropayments to unified reward system will be proved beneficial for the users. By using the same shopping setup, Araw has an aim to become the first choice of the users for day to day shopping.

What is the problem in traditional system?

The e-commerce and cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly due to the latest technology and increase in digital asset buyers. According to the latest survey, the International sales of e-commerce world will become 2.92 billion in 2020. This high competition in the e-commerce world is forcing the platforms to offer an advance and unique point system. But less involvement of cryptocurrency in routine life, lack of advance blockchain developers and a secure global exchange is decreasing the potential of many retailers. The latest technology is bringing a revolution but the diversity of international country rules effects the user’s e-commerce approach. The fraud activity and involvement of third party badly effects the status of many platforms.

What is the solution provided by Araw platform?

Araw is going to become the practical platform for cryptocurrency and e-commerce marketplace. Araw strives to offer an easy approach towards the digital currency which will increase the value of digital assets.

Araw touch and pay card: To solve the issue of online buyers and developers, Araw is going to provide a pay card which will help the customers in their daily purchasing. The users can easily utilize the collected Araw tokens after earning them during online purchase.

Incorporation of banking world:

This platform is going to provide a link between the bank account and user wallet for the quick selling and purchasing of Araw tokens. The quick cash access is attracting the users towards crypto ecosystem and better Araw services i.e. one click online payments, token rewards and cashback opportunity.

Uniform reward method:

By providing a combine reward potential for several e-commerce platforms and retail shops, Araw wants to bring a change in the traditional loyalty system. The simple pathway of online purchase via fiat currency, registered transaction, customer reward feature and utilization of earned Araw tokens for online purchase will make this platform special. The worldwide utilization of Arwa token will cause a rapid increase in the token value.

What is the mission of Araw token?

Araw has a mission to offer a user operated platform with end to end advance solutions. To develop a secure and transparent global environment for the regular buyers, Araw is utilizing blockchain technology with advance feature i.e.  global reward system, touch and pay crypto card, quick payments and cash back service. Araw strives to provide a better solution for the merchants who face lots of problems to approach their target customers. The support system and global appearance of the e-commerce marketplace will help each client to run a successful campaign.

What are the main features of Araw ecosystem?

User dashboard and mobile app: To enhance the sales and user loyalty, Araw is offering a user dashboard which will provide the whole customer data and a customer friendly mobile app.

Araw marketing: To promote the online loyalty schemes, Araw is offering in-store marketing among the users.

Buyers record: By analyzing, recording and tracking the points, purchase history and redemptions of the of the buyers, Araw will provide better business services. The use of blockchain technology will help to offer a transparent and safe platform for online shopping.

Target customers: To help the merchants to differentiate between their potential and loyal buyers, Araw will send right purchasing offers to targeted customers. This feature will reduce the high marketing expenditures and increase the sales of the retailers.

Enhance earning: By attracting and rewarding the users while shopping, Araw will increase the revenue of the merchants.

Which token is used by this platform?

Araw platform is utilizing a utility token (ARAW) based upon ERC-20 standard for the decentralized e-commerce ecosystem.  For retail shops and online e-commerce platforms, Araw token will serve as a uniform reward system and online payment method. The customers are able to get rewards through referrals and purchases. The users have to complete the KYC process to get involve in the ICO sale. For crowdsale, the minimum amount to contribute is 0.1 ETH while in case of pre-sale it will be 10 ETH.

  • Token details:
  • Token name: ARAW
  • Token price: $0.01 = 1 ARAW
  • Token supply: 5000 million
  • Soft cap: 2 million USD
  • Hard cap: 25 million USD
  • Acceptable currency: ETH

Token distribution:

Advisors: 3%

Team and founders:  9%

For sale: 70%

Airdrop and Bounty: 3%

Reserve: 15%


By solving the problems of traditional e-commerce world, Araw is going to become the direct ecosystem for the exchange of services and goods all over the world. The integration of smart contracts, banking system and blockchain technology into the ecommerce market will bring a huge revolution. This platform is allowing the buyers to get better deals from the retailers without changing their purchasing criteria and increasing the cost. The buyers, tokens holders and retailers can redeem the rewards in Araw token easily. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more detail.

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