Nbai foundation ICO Review

Nbai foundation a decentralized AI app development platform powered by AI and Blockchain technology.

Introduction to Nbai foundation:

Nbai is going to combine the artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to offer a high quality decentralized platform for the AI app developers. The integration of smart contracts will allow the developers to earn NBA tokens by utilizing payment service and API. Being a safe and transparent AI service provider, Nbai foundation will create and apply the advance solutions for the development of Dapp. Nebula AI strives to provide sufficient AI computing power after cooperating with the secure internet data centers.

What are the existing problems in the market?

It’s the era of blockchain technology and decentralized organization but still the existing Zcash and Ethereum is wasting alot of electricity which leads to high electricity bills for bitcoin mining. The existing centralized computing units spent most of its revenue on the maintenance of the system which causes an increase in service cost. Some platforms are providing AI computing cloud services but the operational errors, involvement of third party, and country restrictions make them useless for regular and potential consumers. The traditional centralized organizations spend alot of money on data security contracts but still they are unable to save the sensitive data from leakage. The geographical rules of a country force the centralized organizations to transfer the ownership of the information which affects the user data security. The recent transfer of the centralized system to decentralized world causes rapid increase in the diversity of Dapp and the users are unable to select a suitable Dapp for better experience.

What is the solution provided by Nbai foundation?

To revolutionized the centralized cloud computing environment, Nbai foundation strives to integrate the AI computing power into the decentralized blockchain technology. The cost effective and efficient services of blockchain based platform will decrease the maintenance work, increase the data security and allow the users to secure or share their data via smart contract.

What are the main components of Nebula AI?

Nebula AI ecosystem compromises of two basic components:

  • Nbai system: Nbai system combines the high quality DAI apps, university education, deep blockchain analysis, AI mining machine, scientific research and AI information center.
  • Nbai foundation: To assist the AI app creation and control the control the development of blockchain based platforms, engineer training institutes and joint AI labs, Nebula is utilizing its Nbai foundation.
What is the mission of Nbai foundation?

This platform wants to balance the requirements of the AI device suppliers and consumers. With this platform consumers can get cost effective and high quality AI computing services while providers can get optimized computing capacity. To perform the perfect AI project calculation, the GPU computing device will be changed into AI computing units. The DAI app developers will get the decentralized AI app interface to increase the developing process of AI application with work analyzing API and payment API. This platform is going to support the systematic AI training institutes to provide the relevant AI knowledge. These centers will help to promote the AI talent and empower the AI growth in the online world. It is utilizing the latest technology and DAI apps as:

  • Quant AI: Nbai platform is going to provide a reliable DAI app for the estimation and prediction of the trading price. Quant AI powered by AI algorithm predict the recent and future trends by analyzing the record series and using the comprehensive learning models.
  • Sentiment estimation:  To categorize the nature of the writer and level of the given text, Nebula AI will utilize its AI sentiment analysis. This app is best for cost prediction model for online trading, content susceptibility, online chat leveling and estimation of consumer susceptibility.
  • Biomedical AI: To diagnose a disease, modify the imaging quality, access the result and arrange the treatment, Nbai foundation is using Biomed AI app.
Which token is used by this platform?

This foundation is utilizing Nbai token which is based upon ERC20 standard. Nbai token can be used to pay for the developer training, to get the AI services and to buy the training models.

Token details:
  • Token name: NBA
  • Acceptable currency: ETH
  • Start of ICO: 31st March 2018
  • End of ICO: 20th April 2018
  • Price: 0.0064 USD = 1NBA
Token distribution:
  • Private sale: 45%
  • Team: 15%
  • Investors: 10%
  • Marketing and supporters: 5%
  • Community & founders: 25%

Nbai foundation is the first global decentralized platform which is going to integrate the computing services with AI. The Artificial intelligence computing services can be accessible any time without the restriction of location, race or class. The users or developers will give the payments by using NBA token. With the use of Blockchain technology, the transactions will be secured and irreversible which will be distributed in the peer to peer network to get optimize computing services. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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