Alfa Enzo Foundation a global decentralized SmartMarket

Alfa Enzo Foundation a global decentralized SmartMarket

Introduction to Alfa Enzo Foundation:
In order to get a global appearance Alfa Enzo is going to offer a decentralized commerce environment. The regular users will get benefits from multi blockchain and secure ecosystem which is created by the experts with vast knowledge in operating system, HCI, mesh networking and encryption. For automatic utilization of the digital currency, Alfa Enzo is on its way to create specific hardware’s, exchanges, ENZ wallet and authentication service.
What is the issue in the traditional mass market?
Lots of Dapp and digital currency-based applications are releasing worldwide everyday but they are inefficient to fulfill the requirements of the regular users. Most of the decentralized networks are unable to compete with MasterCard and Visa services and their micro payment transactions take lots of time. The value of cryptocurrency is increasing but there is no ecosystem which offers regular exchange utility. The complex data and unsecure platforms make the collection, saving and trading of digital currency difficult.
What is the solution provided by this platform?
To make cryptocurrency easily available for the regular and potential users without the restriction of location and race, Alfa Enzo foundation is going to offer a global platform for the growth of the digital currency market. The traditional market wants a new platform with advance transaction strategies and better tools. To revolutionized the traditional system, the mobile app supporting system (Dapp, EON devices) will replace the desktop ecosystem.

  • EON blockchain: With the special tools i.e. reverse mining, IPC, proof of activity, patent pending protocol, Samaritan and atomic commit, EON blockchain has become fast, durable, transparent and secure.
  • EON app: Along with blockchain based decentralized tools, this platform is also supporting centralized apps. The unique smart contract and blockchain based features are offered to the users.
  • What are the main features of this platform?
  • Impulsive: The consumers are allowed to purchase, collect and trade the digital currency and utilize the Dapp in an intuitive way. 
  • Amplifying and viral: A transparent and secure ecosystem will be provided by this platform to ensure the use, property and importance of the digital currency.
  • Practical and competent: The practical use of cryptocurrency in the daily life is the main aim of every platform. Alfa Enzo is providing updated solutions to deal with the current market issues before getting grip at product level.
  • Fast: The cryptocurrency trade and exchange will be safe and simple on this platform. Without any shutdown or error, the users will be able to obtain their data easily and fastly.
  • Safe mining: The EON miners after giving the solution of the CAPTCHA, get rewards in Enzo token and include the transaction in the visible ledger after verification.
  • Controllable platform: On Alfa Enzo platform, each user will get access to a personal blockchain which is secured with a configuration. The sensitive data of the users remain safe and they are able to distribute it on the basis of their smart contract to a required person.
  • What are the main benefits to use Alfa Enzo foundation?
  • Unique digital items: The entire team of Alfa Enzo strives to launch such digital products which are unique, secure and flexible. After a deep research and analysis, excellent tools has been created by the developers.
  • Experienced and versatile team: The team of Alfa Enzo foundation consists of highly trained people which have vast knowledge and vision about market and coding. They are able to convert a dream into a practical platform which keep growing daily.
  • Better strategies: The transaction amount and ecosystem size does not matter and immediate transaction will be possible with the use of smart contracts between the parties on the blockchain.
  • Safety: With the use of patent protocol, this platform is offering the face to face or peer to peer safety in case of exchanging physical items and goods.
  • Which token will be used on this platform?
    Alfa Enzo foundation is using NZO as a utility token with natural value which will be increased with time and user involvement. To maintain the ecosystem stability, the gNZO will be burned with more than 2 months of inactive account or after confirm deletion.
    What are the uses of ENZO token?
    The users can use the Enzo token for the development of advertisements, to pay for decentralized data storage, to get services through Dapp on the platform, to get blockchain based names, to initiate the process of smart contracts and transactions.
    Token details:
  • Token name: NZO
  • Price: 0.005 dollar = 1 NZO
  • Pre sale start on: 3rd August
  • Pre sale end on: 30th September
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, Fiat and BCH
  • Distribution of token:
  • Public sale: 60% (12.6 billion NZOs)
  • Reserve: 25% (5.25 billion NZOs)
  • Foundation: 5% (2.1 billion NZOs)
  • Team, advisors: 10% (1.05 billion NZOs)

  • Conclusion:
    With the help of EON blockchain, Enzo tokens, Alfa community and compatible valet, Alfa Enzo foundation is going to lead the market. Without charging any fee, Alfa Enzo is going to introduce a free market ecosystem with amazing toolsets which can be reached by the users after becoming a part of this community. A private network is provided for the safe, trusted and fast transactions. This platform strives to develop, grow and secure their vision by creating advance protocols for the world. Alfa Enzo foundation has an aim to embrace massive part of cryptocurrency in near future. If you are interested in future oriented cryptocurrency idea, then visit its site for more details.
    Link to Alfa Enzo Foundation:

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