Papusha Rocket a global platform to reduce the oil refineries residue

Papusha Rocket a global platform to reduce the oil refineries residue

Introduction to Papusha Rocket ICO:

Papusha Rocket ICO is the first global platform which is going to utilize the black oil fuel in its oil refining small units for the production of liquid fuel. Transonic combustion technology is the latest technique to decompose the residue of oil refineries. One PRT-2 unit is capable enough to destroy more than 30-90 tons of oil refiner residue in 24 hours. So, according to a latest research, the global market needs several PRT-2 units to clear the 1.35 million tons of residue all over the world.

What is the detail of the idea?

The residue produce from the oil refiners is collected into the storage ponds and it effects the whole ecosystem. The PRT-2 units utilize the residue and add some special impurities during its processing at set conditions. The synthetic gas is collected after the chemical and physical alternation in the residue and released CO2 with water in environment. The important raw material is collected and stored for further use.

What are the main features of PRT units?

PRT units are unique with more than 60 percent liquid fuel output. The cost-effective operation and trustable standardized equipments make PRT 2 units acceptable worldwide. An autonomic PRT unit can be purchased with 950,000 dollars which is better than the less efficient and expensive competitors’ units. Its installation cost is about 2 million dollars. The buyer will get a 5 to 6 months money back guarantee. Mainly 3 types of processing capacity is offered by the PRT units per day i.e. 90 tins, 60 tons and 30 tons.

What is the issue in the previous Market?

The major problem faced by the oil refinery company is the storage and usage of the residue all over the world. The Oil refining companies with high yield and top-quality oil have a huge share in the oil refining residue i.e. 10 percent to 20 percent. Many oil refineries located near the water bodies, prefer to release the waste material in the lake water or open land which leads to land and water pollution. Although chemical and thermal cracking is the best way to dispose off the waste after processing but low effect, long payback duration, and high charges make these chemical methods unattainable for regular oil refining companies.

Solution provided by this platform:

Many large refineries are willing to use advance technology which will remove the high toxic oil refinery residue. The oil yield and underground dept of oil refining will be increased with the use of latest technology. Just with the implementation of some modified technology, pollution causing residue can be eliminated easily. The transonic combustion is best to extract the required products from synthetic oil to gasoline from the oil refining residue which is treated as a waste material.

Main components:
  • On the basis of advance technical methods, conversion development will be utilized for space, rocket and tools.
  • The transonic combustion technology is used for the conversion of toxic residue into useful raw material and harmless waste material which can be disposed off easily.
  • The methodical and scientific development will use the transonic combustion matter along with analyzing the harmful conditions. After tackling the defense industry documents all harmful residues will be neutralized completely.
What is the experience of the team?

A I. Papushа has an experience of 50 years. He has completed his phd in technical science and working as a director of Ecology department of global fund of writing and Slavic culture. The reputed scientists with advance techniques are working on this project to meet the needs of the world.

Which token is used by this platform?

This platform is utilizing PRT token which is a valuable asset. A small PRT-2 unit has a net profit of more than 500,000 dollars. A single workable unit can operate more than 250 days per year with residue processing limit of 7500 tons. To meet the needs of the world, more than 70 thousand PRT 2 units are needed to recycle the renewable residue. The token sale will start on 22th August 2018 and it will end on 22th October 2018. There is no soft cap but hard cap is upto 13,500 ETH.

Token details:
  • Token name: PRT
  • Token price: 3500 PRT = 1 ETH
  • Total supply: 100 million
  • Acceptable currency: Ethereum
Token allocation:
  • Reserve: 18%
  • Advisers: 5%
  • Sale: 75%
  • Bounty: 2%
Closing words:


Papusha rocket technology has a bright future because by using PRT token users will invest in real life business. With the increase in the market demand, the value of PRT token will increase. With a PRT 2 unit, the companies can get more than 60 percent liquid fuel and emit the eco-friendly waste i.e. water and carbon dioxide. It will decrease the toxic emission of the residue and keep our environment clean. If you are interested in future oriented digital currency valuable ideas, then visit its site for more details.

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