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To connect the buyers directly with distributors, wholesaler, and manufacturers, the first decentralized e-commerce platform is introduced by To trap and integrate the features of decentralized ledger technology with blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, fast payment system, and E-commerce a highly experienced team is working on this platform.

What is the problem in the previous market?

With the launch of Amazon in the online world, people become able to buy books just with one click from anywhere at any time. It opens the door for online stores and e-commerce business. With each passing year the e-commerce market keeps expanding and in 2021 it is expected to reach up to 4.5 trillion. But still, no platform is facilitating the customers to buy the services and goods at wholesale price. The big retailers have a huge business share and the small retailers face a problem to find a suitable platform to give competition to them. The complex and late payments along with the involvement of the third party are the biggest drawback of the traditional e-commerce platform. The cashback problem and customer fraud lead to a loss of billions of dollars in the e-commerce business. The high price of the products limits the product flow and availability.

What is the solution provided by is helping the merchants to start their digital startup at a reasonable price by offering the inventory at wholesale price. This platform will expand the international market and allow the merchants to get the products at the better offer with quick shipping. The merchants can also validate and test the market to categorize the product. The advanced features and latest tools on allow the manufacturers to engage the customers, attract the potential returning customer and enhance the range of product options. The drop shipping feature allows to decrease the price of the goods and offer a limitless inventory.

  • DPA app: With a mobile app, the regular buyers and e-commerce sellers can interact with each other. Just like big retailers, the common man and seller can get the products at the same price.
  • MVP app: For the interface and apps of this unique platform, an efficient MVP is going to utilize to facilitate the manufacturers, buyers and e-commerce stores.
  • Fast and secure payment system: is using its own digital currency for the transaction and getting the services of the platform.
  • Transparent: To secure the buyers from fraud and verify the transaction automatically, is utilizing the best blockchain which offers transparency and security.
  • MOQ with best payment system: By using the minimum order quantity, the manufacturers will be connected with the customers to facilitate the big orders with more discounts.
Which platforms have a partnership with

The famous e-commerce platform merges with to lead the market. NetObjects, SnapForce,, and refer local.

What are the main advantages to use has a highly trained management team who is the expert of e-commerce market and strives to bring a revolution with best strategies. With proper smart contracts and conditions, is going to enhance the DTC deals with e-commerce stores and drop shipper. With the addition of a large number of sellers, the customer will get a better price through which the cooperative purchasing will be leveraged. The customers and merchants will allow getting access to several products all over the world without any geographical restriction.

Which token is used by
  • Token: Buy

This token is used to pay for shipping and investors, to get the service from the delivery operator, to clear the payment of micro-distribution center and to reward the buyers who recommend the platform and expand its market. The tier 1 of pre-sale will be launched on 1st October 2018 with a total token supply of 100 million tokens of the price of 7 million dollars. Then on 1st November the tier 2 of pre-sale will start with a supply of 100 million tokens of the price up to 9 million dollars. December is the month for the crowd sale with 150 million token supply of the price of 16 million dollars and in January 2nd crowd sale will be launched.

Token detail:
  • Price: 0.07 USD = 1 BUY
  • Hard cap: $50,500,000
  • Acceptable cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH
Token distribution:
  • Inventory of company: 15%
  • The management team and founders: 15%
  • Token for sale: 50%
  • Advisers: 7.5%
  • Supply: 7.5
  • Bounty: 5%
Conclusion: is on its way to becoming the first decentralized e-commerce platform backed with blockchain and smart contracts. With advanced technology and unique features, this platform will give a tough competition to the big retailers. The network scaling is achieved with the effective schemes for tokens and the direct manufacturer connection with the buyer will open the way of bulk pricing. By solving the problems of the previous e-commerce market, strives to offer the best solutions to the users. You can visit its site to get more details about the cryptocurrency backed e-commerce platform.

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