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Navibration the first global audio guided route ecosystem powered by blockchain

Navibration is going to create a platform with advanced tools and audio guided routes powered by blockchain technology and smart contracts. With this ecosystem, an audio guided decentralized social network will be provided to the smartphone and desktop users. The tourists can discover new parts of the area during the trip with the help of the audio guide content. Just in 5 steps, the users can create a new audio guide route to help the other users. Navibration strives to convert this dream into reality with the use of technology and human recourses

How the users can create a new route of the audio guide?

In the navibration experiences, the consumers can create a planned route or a journey with a proper title. Each user can participate in the writing step. After it, the user has to design and write the details of the route in the test text which will highlight the description in the ecosystem. The candidate’s content will be rated on the basis of the community votes. This content can be translated into other languages to guide the people of different countries. Then the audios of the specific routes will be recorded by another user. At the end to make the audio guided available for sale, each audio will be edited by a navibration team. Depending upon the capabilities of the users, each user can handle each step or the first four steps can be handled by a single expert or skillful user.

How can a user transfer the route to another member?

Each step of the route is handled by an expert user who gets a reward for his services. But if the user feels overwork and he wants to transfer the route to an interested candidate then he can set a price to make the route transferable in the ecosystem. After exchanging the route with a specific number of tokens, the new user will fulfill the pending responsibilities and get the reward for his work.


What are the main features of Navibration ecosystem?

The traveling experience is going to revolutionize with the help of latest technology. The tourist can make a new profile to get the services during traveling. The main features of the platform are
Navibration watch: The users can enjoy the traveling with the help of wearable smartwatch which will provide the navigation service with vibration. The watch is the main sources to get the knowledge of the audio guided routes anywhere anytime in the world.
⦁ Connection: By using the smartphones, the users can connect to other users at any time during a day. They can exchange their experiences to get the best advice. The experienced users can provide vast knowledge about a specific area.
⦁ Awareness: There is no need to carry any paper or document during a journey. The smartphone will be the main source to secure the necessary documentation like reservation form and tickets.
⦁ Authoritative: To help the other travelers, the experienced users or experts can share their knowledge in the social network and portals.
⦁ Suggestions: The users can get benefits from the valuable suggestions of the users. An appropriate action which is suitable for a particular task can be mentioned in the comments or recommendation which will be publicly available for all users.
⦁ Alternative: The users can get the knowledge of advance traveling patterns and experiences to avoid the classical traveling method. The tourists will get the detail of the area with audio commentary and historical pictures which will replace the need of a map. It will increase the need for technology during a journey.

How to navigate by using the navigation modes?

The traveler has to keep his smartphone in the horizontal position to start the navigation system then he should turn to another side gently until his smartphone vibrate. The self-navigation indicates the exact position of the destination while the guided navigation highlights the directions to reach the destination.

Which token is used by this platform?

⦁ Name: Navicoin
Navibration is going to use the NAVI token to create a decentralized platform in a transparent and systematic way. Any route can be purchased with the help of Navision or fiat in the ecosystem. If the users buy anything with fiat then it will be automatically converted into Navicoin by using the exchange system. The token public sale will occur from October to November while the public sale will continue from November to December. All the unsold tokens will be burnt at the end of the sale.

What are the main uses of NAVI token?

Within the navibration ecosystem, the users can utilize the NAVI token to get access to different features, to reward the content providers and to do community moderation. A specific amount of token is required to enjoy various tools and features of the platform. The normal activities like voting in the action rate and content review are free of cost. Within the ecosystem, if the users purchase the products with NAVI token then they will get amazing offers and discount up to thirty percent on each purchase. Initially, the user will get the rewards without any condition but if the consumer use more than 50% NAVI token then he will not eligible for the rewards. The consumer has to meet the criteria to get the rewards again.

Token details:

⦁ Symbol: NAVI
⦁ Soft cap: 5 lac USD
⦁ Hard cap: 6 million USD
⦁ Price: 0.05USD = 1 NAVI
⦁ Total supply: 120 million NAVI

Token allocation:

⦁ Community: 20%
⦁ Team: 10%
⦁ Founder, ICO cost and mentors: 10%
⦁ Token for sale: 40%
⦁ For future token holders: 20%



Navibration is on its way to change the traveling experience of the users. The users can get the exact knowledge of the right direction with simple movements of the hand. By using the navigation system and advanced tools, the smartphone will be the only source to store the important traveling documents and to get the audio guidance within few second. If you want to get more information about Navibration, then read its one-pager from the website.

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