Stem Cell Innovations ICO Review

Stem Cell Innovation a decentralized stem cell development platform

Introduction to Stem cell innovation:

By using the advanced technology and recourses, Stem cell strives to do development, innovation, and research in the special area of science which is related to stem cell. With the integration of blockchain technology, this platform wants to offer its services all over the globe which will help the people to analyze and monitor the evolution in stem cell treatments, to get important data about the experts and to communicate with the interested individuals in the online community. The team focuses on the identification and description of the latest treatment which can cure the situation of strokes, learning disorder, Alzheimer disease, brain injuries, baldness, and missing teeth. To increase the awareness among the people, SCI strives to educate them with videos, research articles, and informative blogs.

What is the problem in the traditional system and treatment?

The patients face many problems to continue proper communication with the experts related to stem cell treatment or consultation. Although internet and mobile users can explore any type of information still there is no platform which can be accessed easily to share and get the latest information about the research in stem cell field. The diversity in the payment system and the high cost of the doctors stop many patients to get the initial treatment. The fraud activity and lack of communication lead to the misguidance in the community due to which people hesitate to get the therapy. The storage and access to the stem cell are becoming limited due to less number of the stem cell banks all over the world. If on one hand, patients face problem to select the best treatment option then on the other hand experts also want to have better communication with the experts to share the latest treatment options.

What is the aim of Stem cell innovation?

Stem cell innovation wants to develop the field of research for the benefits of the community. In medicine, there are several options to treat a disease but still, after lots of research, there is no practical implementation. That’s why stem cell innovation strives to regenerate and improve the quality of communication and treatment with a better platform which will solve the problem of harsh medical treatment, long procedures and high fees of the doctors.

  • One stop solution: Stem cell has an aim to connect clinics, labs, doctors, hospitals, and societies at a single platform to enhance the development and research in the field of stem cell treatment.
  • Advance payment system: The transactions and payment system will become better with the use of stem cell innovation app.
  • Ownership and protection of the medical records: Stem cell innovation keeps the security and protection of the user’s record in its first priority. The users can have secure stem cell records which can easily access and share according to their desire.
  • SCI blockchain: All the information of the patient or doctors stem cell will be secured on the blockchain which can be easily accessed with a transparent and safe app. The history of the medical records of a patient with the data related to organization and doctors can be easily accessed after opening the profile.
  • The facility in case of emergency: The user can easily get his medical records through the mobile SCI app for proper consultation and treatment in case of emergency. For a short time, the user can also allow the network providers to view his records. The important information of the dosage, name and previous surgeries can be store, access and understand easily through the app.
  • Easy registration: SCI allows the users to access and register for the bone marrow donor registry, life insurance policy or organ donation registry. The stem cell therapist, patients, and doctors can connect with each other through the main community which will increase the efficiency of the work by empowering the users with the latest technology and research.

Which token is used by stem cell innovation?

This platform is using SCI token to increase the payment efficiency and offer the best technology. The users can purchase any things via this token on the platform.

What is the use of SCI token?

The user can utilize the token for a various purpose on the platform from treatment to getting access to several tools like:

  • They can buy the necessary medicines and pharmaceutical with the token.
  • They can fix the appointment, get the insurance or view the records of other patients after the smart contract via the token.
  • The can access the tools and important data related to recent medical treatment on the platform.
  • They can access and pay for the stem cell services easily and quickly via the platform. SCI token is the more efficient type of payment to get cross-border medical services.
Token details:
  •  Name: SCIA
  •  Price: 0.15 USD = 1 SCI
  •  Minimum investment: 0.4ETH
  •  Acceptable cryptocurrency: LTH, ETH, BTC, and fiat
  •  Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  •  Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD
Token allocation:
  • R&D and IT development: 15%
  • Legal: 5%
  • Sales and marketing: 22%
  • Advisors and team: 18%
  • Reserve: 5%
  •  Infrastructure and management: 18%
  • Stem cell lab partnership and Global expansion: 11%

SCI wants to revolutionize the research and treatment procedure of the stem cell therapy. By getting a better network of labs, doctors, and hospitals, the people will be able to select the best treatment option and expert. The blockchain technology with SCI app will keep the record of the patients secure which can be accessed easily anytime anywhere. If you want to get more information related to SCI platform then view the links below.

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