Platio ICO Review

Platio a global smart banking platform

Introduction to platio:

Platio is going to provide the best crypto banking solution. This platform is based upon the latest EOS blockchain technology whose headquarter is in the UK. The users can pay or receive the payments in fiat or digital currency by simple means of bank transfer or a card. The user can collect and get access to all important data and tools in the platio community which operate smoothly on the web and mobile interface. The stock, crypto and fiat holding become advance with the integration of a robust framework into the digital management solutions. The digital asset is further advanced with the addition of two specific products i.e. Smart Escrow and Asset Guard.

What is the problem in the traditional system?

Although technology and world are becoming advance gradually the lack of a global management system for the proper trading and utilization of digital currency is the main problem in the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency and digital products across the whole world. The merchants and users get fed up to create different wallets and logins for the brokerage account, bank transfer, and crypto holding. The cryptocurrency holders facing the problem of market volatility and loss of private key which leads to a big loss of cryptocurrency and asset. The limited range of banks to do cryptocurrency trading and account suspension is a big issue. The complex cryptocurrency management and lack of adoption prevent many potential users to invest in the market.

What are the main features of the platio?

To provide a smooth transaction procedure, platio strives to offer the best features and products to its users.

  •  Brokerage and exchange: Platio is giving the best means for transaction and trading of the digital currency or fiat along with many advanced tools like merchant processing API, Asset guard, and platio payment card. The platio exchange is an advanced feature which allows the transaction in a token for different ICO project along with the fiat payment. To enhance the potential growth of the digital community, platio is making easy the process of selling, buying, collecting and trading of digital currency.
  • Auto exchange: Auto exchange is the best tool for the management of volatile digital products. The user can set the condition of the smart contract to save them self from market volatility with an automatic exchange of the digital product. Enjoy the exchange of user stock in any other currency when the specific level of price is reached.
  • Standby transfer: The user has to select an inactivity period along with the transfer instruction to save his income from permanent loss. After the expiry of the selected period, all the asset will be handled according to the decision criteria automatically. But the user can also utilize the option of security questions to again get access to platio platform.
  • Payment card: Platio is going to offer a digital and plastic payment card powered by a global payment company which is a partner of this platform. The platio app is allowing the user to do various functions i.e. request, suspend or activate the card.
  •  Asset guard: Loss of account access and market volatility is the main issue of the online trading world. Platio is offering a protective tool in the form of asset guard to protect the digital asset of the users with proper smart contracts i.e. Standby transfer and auto exchange. There is no need to store any backup phrase or regularly analyze the market if you are using this unique feature of platio.
  • Smart Escrow: If the user wants to do an important deal in digital currency or fiat then he can use the products based upon the smart contract by smart escrow. The user can get the platio service to proceed with a transparent deal i.e. global company transfer, cryptocurrency selling, expensive items online payment and payment to suppliers etc.
  • Internal transactions: Plotio is providing the best solution of time-consuming and high fees of the transaction. The user can easily transfer the fiat, platio, stock or crypto into any form without any fees and long procedure. An efficient and active management platform will make the whole process very easy.
What are the benefits of using platio?
  • This platform is facilitating its consumers in many ways in the banking and transaction services as:
  • This platform is protecting the asset of the users from the market volatility.
  • A one-stop solution will be provided to the user to trade and exchange their earning or asset.
  • The user can keep all his earning at one platform which can be sent via virtual or plastic payment card any time.
  • The user can send the payments easily with the use of OCT, SEPA or SWIFT. A better invoice and processing procedure are provided to the merchants and regular users.
Which token is used by this platform?

Platio is using a utility token PGAS which is based upon ERC-20. The value of PGAS token will increase with the growth of the platio ecosystem. The token holder will get a specific discount based upon the level of subscription and usage of the token.

Token details:

⦁ Name: PGAS
⦁ Price: 1 PGAS = 0.20 Eur
⦁ Start of pre-sale: 20th August 2018
⦁ End of pre-sale: 11th November 2018
⦁ Soft cap: 5 M EUR
⦁ Hard cap: 34,5M Eur
Token distribution:
⦁ Team and founder: 25%
⦁ Advisors: 8%
⦁ Bounty: 2%
⦁ For sale: 65%


Platio is on its way to solve the issues of banking and complex online transaction with the use of EOS blockchain and advance features i.e. smart escrow, standby transfer, auto exchange and one login with three assets etc. If you want to get further information about platio then you can visit below mention links.

Links to platio:

⦁ Website:
⦁ Whitepaper:
⦁ Facebook:
⦁ Twitter:
⦁ OnePager:

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