Ethershift ICO Review- The easiest ERC-20 token exchange


Ethershift is an exchange platform that provides a very easy and quick exchange of ERC-20 tokens to its users at the exact market rate with only the trading fees. The platform lets the token holders exchange their tokens at the very early stage after the end of a project’s ICO, and it lets the ones willing to invest in a project whose ICO they missed and they don’t want to wait for it to get listed in an exchange.
Ethershift token holders will have the chance to get a share of the 50% revenue Ethershift earns through the transaction fees which is airdropped to the users after each quarter.
The exchange process is very simple. A user gets a special address for any token they want to receive in exchange of the tokens/coins they are willing to send. The users then send any amount of tokens/coins to that address, and in return, they receive the equivalent of the token asked in the wallet they have sent the tokens/coins from.

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